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Annette Burns

I saw your post on Proteacher and followed the link. I am very interested in learning what this is all about. I want to do a math workshop, guided math and/or something other than the way I have been teaching math. I am a very innovative, creative teacher, but I confess even though I use manipulatives in my math instruction, my instruction is still whole group and too traditional. Help!


I LOVE your math problem of the day questions! My teammate and I really hope that you continue posting these questions! We'll be checking back very frequently! :) They are awesome and I am so excited to try this with my kids and see how they think about math! :)


Fabulous Math Journal Information! Just what I have been looking for. I have book marked your website and plan to visit you each week so PLEASE keep the Math Journal ideas coming!!!! Thank you SO much for sharing your ideas with us!

Christopher Gibbs

I love this.... But, I am not sure I would be able to come up with my own problem of the day. Do you have a book?


Same as the above comments! Please keep sharing ideas! :) My students will love this.

Christie Neise

How long does each part of the share and compare lesson take? Btw your science badge idea is awesome!


Found the book at NCTM for $24.95 and it's on my wish list.

Thanks for the great info!


How long does each part of the share and compare lesson take?

Working on the actual problem usually takes the majority of our math time. A typical day might be a 5-10 minute warm-up, 20 minute problem, 10-15 minute mathematician's chair. But that's not set in stone--somedays we do a longer whole-group warm-up and a shorter problem.


please share the problems you will be using this school year...iam eager to learn and do...

Shannon Bowden

What math program do you use? I want to purchase the program or the math activities you use. Thanks


I ordered the Buschman book and have integrated the share and compare work into my weekly math schedule. Unfortuately, I only have time to do it one day a week due to the new math program requirements, but it will be a huge help. Thanks so much for all your generosity and creative, practical and concept-centered math information!


Amazing!!! I love your ideas, please post more :)


I just discovered you site and love it. Although it looks like there are great resources for the start of the year, have you posted recent problems or activities for winter/spring content?


I want to do a math workshop, guided math and/or something other than the way I have been teaching math.

Kathryn sarchuk

I would love to print out the math problems on labels even if it is at a cost . Where can I get the labels that others are talking about?


I have been searching and searching for a math journal and finally I have found something great. I hope you keep posting about the journal...cant wait to use it. Thanks for sharing.


I love your questions. I have been wanting to try a problem solving program in my classroom and was looking for a starting point. I encourage you to continue posting your questions!

Mrs. B :D

Hi All,
I found a curriculum that I am excited about called INVESTIGATIONS. It is similar to the Share and Compare book you presented Katheryn, in that the focus is on problem-solving and articulation of concepts. It is not just "doing math" - it includes the important piece of being able to tell "why" you got the answer you did! I am anxious to get the Buschman book as a support. It sounds like these approaches would mutually support each other!One thing I value in your posts Kathryn is your honest evaluations...knowing the ups-and-downs helps us to proactively create solutions for the downs BEFORE we have 20 bazillion (a new math term :D )smiling, ready to learn children surrounding us! I will keep you posted on its success. Thank you for your simple lesson plans - they perfectly amplify what needs to be done in class. Many, many thanks, Kathryn! Your appreciative new friend!(YANF <3)


I look forward to seeing your questions. I love the idea of using labels for the problems especially at the beginning of the year.

Kristin Whiting

This is such a good idea. I teach special needs preK this year (but they are all 5 - need another year in PreK) and I was looking for some way to use notebooks like this. I am going to try to come up with even easier problems to start with. If I can do it I will post them on my website and share them with you. Thanks!! I am also going to put you on my blogroll.


Thanks for sharing!You have great ideas.

Brooke Mountain

Thank you so much for posting your math Problem Solving ideas! I have so many questions to ask you but I am unable to e-mail you! Each time I try, it will not go through! Could you possibly e-mail me your e-mail address? My e-mail is Thanks again! I poured over your blog last weekend and now am busy re-vamping my math activities! It was just the inspiration that I needed! :)

Brenda Lewis

I love your website!!! I am a teacher in Texas and your ideas are perfect, since we are required to teach the same TEKS. I have begun to use several of your ideas. I love the science notebook ideas and used your lessons for introducing the notebooks. It went very well. I want to implement the math problem solving notebooks next. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas for free. Most sites want a subscription. Please keep the ideas coming. I am so thankful to have found your site. Bless you!!!!

Emily Puente

I LOVE all of your ideas!! Thank you so much! Do you have a list of each of your Math questions? Our curriculum is in a different order than you and I would love to use the topic questions that I am teaching now. We do not teach patterns until the second nine weeks. If you have these I would LOVE them! My team is struggling with Math. Thanks so much!!

Megan Flohr

I also LOVE all of your problem solving ideas...would you be willing to share a list of your Math questions? We currently have Saxon Math which does not challenge our kiddos so finding your sight was a Godsend :). Thank you!

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