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  • I truly believe there are no new ideas in teaching! We all borrow, beg and steal from one another--and that's how we all become better teachers! I have spent countless hours exploring the websites of other teachers, and cannot tell you how valuable the information and ideas I have gotten have been. So I want to send out a big THANK-YOU to every other teacher that has ever inspired me! Please take a few moments to visit some of the links below, and you'll see what I mean!
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August 20, 2008


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Barbara Harmor

Found you by accident...glad I did:)
I am also a Kindergarten Teacher in Arizona.
COme visit me http://mrsharmorskindergarten.blogspot.com/
I have been back for 3 weeks now and I am pooped! ...but still loving it. We just built a new school and my room is also new this year. We have a lot in common.
Fondly Barbara

Barbara Harmor

oh opps!...Just saw the date.
Hope all is well with you.
It is a year from that date.
Where ever you are now I hope you are doning well.
Please write and send me new address if you have moved.
Thanks, Barbara


You are right - stealing and recycling are ways of life for us teachers! I teach Kdg in Michigan - it's my 3rd year after 17 years of 2nd grade, so I'm a big thief!! Your blog had some great things on it - hope you're back soon!

I wanted to tell you - if you want to keep that tree up on the wall - use sticky back Velcro - it will keep anything up!!

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