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I will be checking back to see those mini-lessons!! I do not do writer's workshop with my students. So I will look to this site to mentor me through!!

How soon will we get the cute label to put on the writing notebook. You are so GREAT at creating them. I just would like to get this going. I am SO NOT GOOD at doing it.

I love that you are so good to share and are so creative. . . no wonder I found you on 2 peas.


We use Calkins' Units of Study. I didn't realize there was a 6 Traits primary book. Another item on my wish list! Thanks for your great ideas.


I also love Lucy Caulkins and think the 2 philosophies work together very nicely!


Thank you so much! I do not feel so lost anymore. I will certainly enjoy everything I have printed out today and return to your site for more great ideas!


I can't wait to see your posts. I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel.


When are you going to blog again?!?!?


Love your site but wondering why you haven't added to it in such a long time. Great pictures, ideas-everything is inspiring. Hope you add more in the future.


Love, love, love the new books posted! So glad you're back. Good luck for the new school year.

Mrs. B

Looking forward to reading the book you suggested! One of my amazing team introduced me to, No More "I'm Done!" Fostering Independent Writers in the Primary Grades by Jennifer Jacobson. I am loving the information. Jennifer Jacobson is an engaging author with constructive implementation ideas (always nice!:D ). I love the network of sharing that you have created Katheryn! Your New Appreciative Friend :D


Would love to see your ideas on behavior management and also your daily schedule. You are inspiring!


I love all of your ideas. And thank you for the readers I am a former kindergarten teacher, now a stay at home mom of 3. One of my preschoolers has a learning challenge so these readers and file games will allow me to help her even more. Looking forward to more of your beautiful ideas.


I have a quick question for you. I am starting this coming school year with 30 kinders (coming up from 20). I am concerned about how I will be able to work journals and reading groups this year with the additonal students and no aide or teacher partner. How do you start off your school year and meet with so many students in groups? Or do you do most everything whole group at first? Thanks for your time!
Pam Moore


I look forward to seeing your writer's workshop ideas and mini-books. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Leslie Krieger

This is my fifth year teaching kindergarten, but first year attempting journals. I look forward to seeing your writing ideas.


Awesome site. I am just beginning to teach K/1. This site will be a tremendous resource. Thank you for your creative work and willingness to share!

Theresa Healey

I love your site!! I have taught Writer's Workshop K-1 for the last several years. While I like it, I feel that children need more foundation to get better grounded in the beginning in their writing. Thanks! I am going to try to find this book as well as look for your upcoming posts.


I am looking for a good narrative writing prompt relating to family for K5. Would, "My family is a family that likes to do. . . . " fine? Please advise.



Would, "My family is a family that likes to do. . . ." be fine? This is what I wanted to say. Thanks!


Karen Cole

My first year of teaching kindergarten and I just discovered your site. You are inspiring to me and helping me to make my class my own. The children are very responsive. Thank you for your hard work and you willingness to share and inspire!


Thanks for sharing! i really want to learn more on writing prompts.

Cindy Pierce

My kids don't write much in their journals. Your kids have so much writing! How do you get them to write so much? I have the book you suggested, just haven't read it. I will go and dig it out!

Paula B

Hi Kathryn,
I love your website! I've been teaching for 20 years, from preK - 1st grade. I just discovered you via Pinterest, and LOVE your ideas! Thank you for sharing so many of your prepared materials. I plan to implement the science journals this year, and have just downloaded your sight word practice pages too. You rock!
Thank You!!


I am interested in your sight word practice pages. I am a Kindergarten teacher. I am having a hard time downloading. Help!!!!

Thuy Nguyen

Thanks Kathryn for the wonderful ideas! You're an amazing teacher and your students are very fortunate to have you. Even though I have been teaching K for more than 10 years, I found your blogs inspiring.

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